Public international and Extradition

The firm deals with various aspects of international law. Special importance in relation to this field lays with the operation and protection for international and diplomatic organisations. This includes advising on diplomatic and consular immunity, state immunity, privileges, status and international humanitarian law.Our lawyers have also acted for various clients especially in relation to the international air law and the right of passage and freedoms of the skies.  The firm has also been involved in the handling of extradition cases and requests in respect of fugitives and accused persons by foreign governments and states in Pakistan.

We are also one of the pioneer firmsin Pakistan to provide a complete legal cover in respect of the European Union (EU) legal regime and the scope of its application for non-member countries and corporations. We have significant experience and expertise in handling various stages and issues in the sector including in particular:

  • Trade quota, tariffs and general system of preference
  • European Aviation Safety Agency and member states’ regulatory body matters
  • Competition and anti trust
  • Movements of goods within the EU
  • Non-discrimination and rights under EU law
  • Disputes under EU Commission Regulations and Directives

Further in-depth legal cover is provided for our clients through our associate office in Rome, Italy.

Our firm has considerable experience and an established reputation in dealing matters relevant to international and regional trade organisations i.e. WTO supported also by our other practice areas.