Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation Services

The firm continuously provides legal representation for its clients in international and domestic arbitrations. Our lawyers have an extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation. The firm’s domestic litigation practice has significant experience in handling all types of court proceedings and matters relating to the firm’s area of practice and enforcement of arbitral awards.

Our lawyers work closely together with the client to ensure that the client has a full understanding of the process, strategy and available options throughout the course of the litigation.

Our litigators have acted and are continuing to act in major arbitration proceedings and court cases involving high value claims and stakes. Apart from arbitrations we have remained engaged in other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms as well. In addition to this our lawyers are also certified members of the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators, London which further marks their professional capabilities in the field.  The firm is also providing expert arbitration and dispute resolution services within the FICID framework.

In addition to dispute resolution services the firm take great pride to be known as Pakistan’s leading deal-making negotiations firm, providing expert world class resolution and deal making negotiation services in the financial, energy, renewable energy and environmental sector.

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