Nuclear law, licensing and Civil liability

ARC has been one of the few pioneer firms to provide legal cover for this sector. We offer an integrated legal approach and solution for our clients either in the nuclear and radiation medicine sector or in electric power generation. This is achieved through analysing their need through our ability to act and advise on all aspects of the licensing of the nuclear and radioactive establishment including:

  • Licensing and regulatory matters for nuclear plants, radioactive apparatus and hospitals
  • Health and safety legislations and legal regime
  • Environmental protection against hazardous wastes
  • Constant regulatory and statutory compliance and approvals
  • Commissioning and decommissioning
  • Transportation of material
  • The risk of accident, extent of civil liability and insurance
  • Indemnification by the state and state liability in respect of licensed plants
  • Ancillary matters in respect of power and distribution licensing, contracts and tariffs

Our comprehensive legal solutions aim at placing our clients in the best scenario and providing the maximum safeguard and cover.

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