A. R. & Co. (ARC) is a high quality,full service and an independent law firm, which has been practicing in Islamabad and Lahore for a considerable time. Since its inception by Barrister Shoaib Razzaq, we have not only set out for ourselves high standards and objectives in delivering the best services but have constantly been achieving the same which is evident from the satisfaction of our clients.It is also an honour for the firm to be also one of Pakistan’s top law firms in Corporate, Banking and Arbitration sector.. Our client satisfaction has not only boosted our esteem but also our performance. It is for this reason ARC has been able to grow into a highly capable and competitive law firm in Pakistan within a short span of time. The firm brings together a team of foreign highly qualified and experienced legal professionals with experience in various jurisdictions within Pakistan, regionally and internationally who work together to deliver constructive outcomes and solutions for our clients.

We provide international standard legal services, which combine local expertise with an innovative approach to assist our clients with the commercial and legal practicalities of business in Pakistan, regionally and globally. The firm takes pride in developing long term working relationships with the clients enabling us to understand their business objectives and their particular and distinct concerns and needs. We view ourselves not just as lawyers, but also as business consultants and partners in assisting our clients to achieve their commercial goals.